Pelargonium Dream Heaven

Have you ever travelled to see pelargoniums outside your normal visiting places – your backyard, your neighbors’, or your pel friends’ garden?

Well, let me tell you I went beyond those places.  I went where a collection of pels are enjoyed by collectors, neighbors, and FBook group chats and much more.  I went to visit my dream garden.

I travelled a distance to see the pelargonium heaven of my dreams – Fibrex, located in Pebworth, UK.  It was one of my most exhilarating travels, where my heart pounded harder seeing greenhouse after greenhouse of pelargoniums.

My eyes could not focus on one particular favorite.  There seemed to be such coordination with my seeing and walking fast to see varieties I have not seen before.  I enjoyed every moment while it lasted.

Of course I could not leave the place without taking memories.  Every time I browse through the pictures, my thoughts go to planning for the next trip.  I wish I did not have to.  I wish there were more of us growing this amazing plant in Ontario.

The pictures will hopefully entice you to consider joining me on a joyful European trip – perhaps Sweden or the Netherlands – to marvel at their extensive varieties of Pels.