Plants from Sept. 1995 Show

Following are four Pelargoniums and a Geranium that were shown at the September 1995 Show. We have not seen these specimens at any of our shows in recent years. If anyone has these plants, we would love to acquire cuttings… Continue reading

A Tale of 6 Tongaense Seeds

I planted six (6) Tongaense seeds on Jan. 25, 2020 with other Pelargonium seeds on a 72 pellet tray on a heated mat.   A few seeds sprouted, some as quickly as 3 weeks later, but not the Tongaense.  By the… Continue reading

Pelargonium Dream Heaven

Have you ever travelled to see pelargoniums outside your normal visiting places – your backyard, your neighbors’, or your pel friends’ garden?

Well, let me tell you I went beyond those places.  I went where a collection of pels are… Continue reading